Techniques - Tea Bag Folding





Tea Bag Folding is a technique based on the modular Origami, created by Tiny van der Plas, from Netherlands, in February 1993.

According to this technique, also know as Kaleidoscope, a fold is made several times, and each one slides into the other to produce a rosette, with a kaleidoscopic effect.

The original medallion was done using several Tea Bags Envelopes (which originated the technique name): Tiny van der Plas needed to make a birthday card for her sister, but she did not have origami papers during the holiday. The only thing she had was tea bags. So, she decided to use them, and the first card, as well as her passion were born.

Nowadays, we can use printed papers instead of the tea bags envelopes, but the name is still the same.

One of the advantages of using the tea bags above printed papers is the lovely smell they have and pass to the final job.

Tea Bag folding is, today, a world wide craft. Tea bags have lovely colors and prints and it's a material that we only have to collect - they are for free!

Some parts of this description were based on Tiny's comments. Thanks, Tiny for your help and for this wonderful technique.