Techniques - Scrapbooking





The first record found of such art are the Victorian Era. The name Scrapbook comes from the words scrap and book and refers to the first works that were made with pieces of fabrics and decorated papers, pasted on the pages of a book, notebook or album.

In these albums, people wrote down trips made, hidden love, assisted spectacles, or the moments they experienced. To give more life to these records, added embellishments like tickets, papers, fabrics, labels and found that more and wanted to leave as souvenirs.

When the photography was invented in 1839, people began to save them as a reminder, even within these books and albums of memories. This explains the process started is that we know.

With the modernization of the photographic process, cameras, film and developing, have become more accessible to more people. With this, the amount of photo albums has increased considerably.

The difference between the first album and scrapbook nowadays are the photos. Currently the photographs were the main elements of an album, contrary to what was one day. The texts and decorations have become complements the scene of the photo.

So, Scrapbooking is the art of adding pictures and memories in an album, in a creative way, preserving memories, facts and perpetuating the stories. Customizing the pages and by giving the moments photographed become even more special.
We can use this technique for several pieces, as markers of books, door-portraits, diaries, calendars, covers of books, cards and many other things. Let your creativity flows.

Translated by Adriana Weingart (AWCards)
from Arquivo Scrap Magazine